New Rigel VenTest 800 for Accurate Verification of Ventilator Performance - 4th February 2016

Rigel has extended its range of test instrumentation for biomedical equipment with the introduction of a specialist ventilator tester. The Rigel VenTest 800 gas flow analyzer is ideal for both bench top and field service testing of all commonly available ventilators to verify that the ongoing accuracy and reliability of the equipment remains within the required performance… Read More »

New Rigel SafeTest 50 Safety Analyzer for High Volume Testing of General Purpose Medical Equipment - 7th January 2016

Rigel has introduced a new handheld safety analyzer for the routine electrical testing of basic medical and laboratory equipment. The new Rigel SafeTest 50 is a compact, rugged and reliable safety analyzer that is particularly well suited to high volume testing demands, with a simple color coded user interface, push button operation and the fast step selection of test… Read More »

New Uni-Sim Lite All In One Patient Simulator From Rigel - 17th November 2015

Rigel Medical has introduced a compact and versatile simulator capable of verifying the performance and accuracy of essential patient vital signs monitors. The new multifunction Uni-Sim Lite hand held and battery powered simulator ensures that essential medical equipment continues to provide accurate data for the correct diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. The… Read More »

New Tester for EV Chargepoint Maintenance and Fault Finding - 11th November 2015

The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids puts even more emphasis on the ability of the power charging infrastructure to operate effectively and safely at all times. To meet this need a new easy to use specialist commissioning, periodic testing and diagnostic tool has been introduced for comprehensive validation and fault finding on all types of AC… Read More »

Medical e-News Round-Up - Issue 3 - 9th May 2013

This issue covers: Senate passes medical device tax repeal amendment FDA moves to improve the quality of automated external defibrillators Public-private partnership speeds patient access to medical device technologies Check out the new Rigel Uni-Therm Pulse Issue 3 - Expert news and advice from the experts Register for your free… Read More »
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