Clare HAL Series

Hipot Testers for the manufacturing and production industries

  • Function/Power/Load/Leakage/ Touch current test
  • Flash/Hipot/Dielectric Strength test
  • Fast testing – production efficiency savings
  • 120V operation
  • Simple to operate
ClareHAL Series Hipot/Ground Bond Tester

ClareHAL Series Hipot/Ground Bond Tester

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COMPLIANCE – Standards and Directives

Validation testing is essential for manufacturers to ensure compliance with NRTL product test requirements including UL/CE marking.

Electrical safety testing specialists Seaward have produced the HAL series that perform all of the applicable tests needed for insuring compliance with UL type tests, EU Directives, International, European and UK standards in one convenient package.

The ClareHAL hipot / ground bond tester will help you meet your testing and legal obligations, including data capture/logging/archiving. All basic tests, as specified in widely used product and safety standards, are included:

  • Earth/Ground Bond testing
  • DC Insulation Testing
  • AC/DC Flash/Hipot/Dielectric withstand testing
  • Functional/ Run testing
  • Leakage Current testing
  • The ClareHAL Tester can be used in three modes – automatic, manual and direct PC control via the external communications port.

Automatic Mode
In automatic mode complete test sequences are stored in the memory. New sequences are easily programmed using testcodes, or via menu driven choices. Up to 5 tests can be linked into 1 sequence, all tests are time stamped and results can be stored in memory. Automatic mode provides a structured, repeatable route to testing which ensures all data is collected for traceability and auditing. This mode is intended for standard production line use.

Manual Mode
Manual mode provides a quick, simple route to tests and is intended for use in the laboratory, repair or re-test environments where ease of use and quick repeatable tests are are paramount. Manual mode can be initiated by a one button press and allows individual tests to be performed more freely. The type of test and its parameters are entered into the tester. The output can be maintained continuously, varied by means of the rotary encoder or timed as in automatic mode. A facility to store results is available although this is not necessary to perform tests.

ClareHal 104 + Safety e-Base Pro

Seaward have created Safety e-Base Pro, a specially designed software program that improves the flexibility, traceability and productivity of the ClareHAL 104 Hipot / Ground Bond Tester.

  • Human error is reduced and efficiency increased by controlling tests remotely from your PC.
  • Create your own test sequences which begin on user-defined trigger commands.
  • Test sequences can be customized for different standards and products, allowing your test system to always be up-to-date.
  • The test process is made easier for the operator by programmable prompts in picture or text format.
  • Save your test results automatically on your PC to improve traceability and auditability

Using Safety e-Base Pro alongside the ClareHal 104 ensures all production line testing is being conducted safely, efficiently and to the correct requirements. Safety e-Base Pro gives you all the benefits of a bespoke test system by being customizable to your specific requirements.
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ClareHAL Hipot / Ground Bond Series Comparison
Features 100 101 102 103 104
Earth/Ground Bond    
AC Flash/Hipot  
DC Flash/Hipot  
DC Insulation Resistance  
ARC Detection  
Load Power        
Power Factor        
Results Memory
Automation Option
Barcode scanner/printer Option
Internal scanner