Cropico CR

High accuracy, cost effective 4 terminal calibration resistor

  • Low capacitance and low inductance design
  • High accuracy 0.02%
  • Suitable for direct current & technical frequencies
  • Oil-filled design ensures great long-term stability <±0.01% over many years
Cropico CR Calibration Resistor

Cropico CR Calibration Resistor

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This range of low cost 4 terminal calibration resistors combine high accuracy, class 0.02, long term stability and permanence of calibration in a compact unit.

Constructed using carefully selected low temperature coefficient Manganin or Zeranin wire, depending upon value and mounted to ensure mechanical stability, these resistors will provide a cost effective addition to any laboratory or workshop.

Typical applications include calibration reference, accurate current measurement instrument calibration and accurate shunt resistors.

Cropico CR Calibration Resistor

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CR Specifications
Type Nominal Value Accuracy ±% Temp Coeff Max Current In Air Nominal Voltage @ Potential Terminals
CR/0.001 1mΩ  0.05  10ppm/°C  30A 30mV
CR/0.01 10mΩ  0.03  10ppm/°C 14A  140mV
CR/0.1 100mΩ 0.02 10ppm/°C 5A 500mV
CR/1 0.02  2ppm/°C 1.5A  1.5V
CR/10 10Ω 0.02 2ppm/°C 0.5A 5V
CR/100 100Ω 0.02  2ppm/°C 0.15A 15V
CR/1k 1kΩ 0.02 2ppm/°C 45mA 45V


Dimensions Maximum Continuous Working Voltage
38mm x 97mm x 41mm (61mm with terminals - approx) 70Vdc / 33vrms
250g approx