WIN 1 of 2 Rigel Electrical Safety Analyzers! - 8th January 2020

 We’re giving you the chance to WIN 1 of 2 Rigel 288+ electrical safety analyzers. All you need to do to enter is complete the form on this page and spread the word about our competition on social media. Our medical device testing equipment is available worldwide so you can enter wherever you are in the world. CLICK HERE TO ENTER… Read More »

Seaward Solar put Solar Racing Team in Pole Position - 6th January 2020

 WHEN a group of students needed a solution for testing their solar powered car, Seaward was happy to support the unique project. The solar testing expert donated vital equipment which allows the team to run tests on the car’s individual solar modules and the final installation. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE)’s Solar Car Team has raced its… Read More »

An Introduction to Defibrillation and Transcutaneous Pacing Webinar - 6th January 2020

 In this educational webinar, our medical testing specialist Lewis Lennard will be exploring defibrillation and transcutaneous pacing In the hour-long webinar, Lewis will cover the following topics: - The heart, and ECG - Defibrillation - Defibrillator devices - Transcutaneous pacing - Testing a defibrillator, a typical… Read More »

Vital Signs Webinar: An Introduction to Vital Signs - 6th January 2020

 As experts in medical device testing and calibration we love to share our knowledge and from time to time we host educational webinars, meaning you can take part from wherever you are… all you need is an internet connection. In our next educational webinar, our medical testing specialist Lewis Lennard will be exploring vital signs and how testing vital signs… Read More »

Med-Electronics technicians count on Rigel safety analyzers - 13th June 2019

Med-Electronics, an independent service organization (ISO), provides clinical engineering services to ambulatory surgery centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, and some large multi-specialty clinics. Located in Beltsville, MD, Med-Electronics has been a leading supplier of medical equipment, service and supplies to the healthcare industry since its launch in 1978. The… Read More »

An Open Letter To Solar PV Legislators - 14th May 2019

 Dear Sir, Madam, The International Energy Industry predict that by the year 2020 global solar PV capacity will reach 403GW and this has been greatly welcomed by the international solar community. It shows that solar photovoltaics are a priority energy source for the world and that governments the world over are committed to cleaner energy production at the lowest… Read More »

Why Solar STC is not always STC... - 11th April 2019

 In our industry it is universally accepted that STC (Standard Test Conditions) for a solar PV module are 1000W/2 of solar irradiance, 25C cell temperature and a light spectrum that closely simulates sunlight at AM 1.5G It reality, it is often found that during the manufacturing process the STC requirements are not diligently met by internal quality control. This can be… Read More »

Standardizing Solar PV System Documentation and Verification - 22nd March 2019

 Bringing safety to the forefront... International concern regarding the safety and quality of PV system installations is growing. Incorrectly installed or commissioned systems can create a fire hazard or even increase the risk of electrocution. Consider the well-documented “thermal event” that occurred in Bakersfield, California, on April 5, 2009 (see… Read More »

Latest fire incident reinforces calls for solar safety and testing - 8th February 2019

 ELECTRICAL test equipment manufacturer Seaward is making renewed calls for better safety standards after a faulty solar panel caused a fire which destroyed a home and left a man in hospital. The fire, which broke out at a house in Hampshire, is thought to have been caused by an electrical fault in a solar panel. The episode has brought the technology’s safety… Read More »

TLC Integrations Systems Upgrades to a Seaward PV210 Solar Test Kit - 7th January 2019

 When TLC Integration Systems needed to upgrade its PV testing methods, Seaward’s PV210 provided the ideal solution. TLC Integration Systems, based in Sparks, Nevada (NV), provides quality solutions to organisations such as businesses, schools and plants to ensure they are optimizing their power use. With six customers with three megawatts solar production,… Read More »
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