An Open Letter To Solar PV Legislators
14th May 2019

 Dear Sir, Madam,

The International Energy Industry predict that by the year 2020 global solar PV capacity will reach 403GW and this has been greatly welcomed by the international solar community. It shows that solar photovoltaics are a priority energy source for the world and that governments the world over are committed to cleaner energy production at the lowest possible cost to the consumer.

Solar PV technology has been installed in a range of different contexts throughout the globe from off grid systems in out-laying areas to large-scale grid connected systems.

Indeed this expansion of the PV industry is only set to continue with a predicted 10GW to be installed in India alone in 2016.With this in mind, the time is now for us to set in place regulation that will ensure standards in energy production, energy efficiency and electrical safety are at a high.

However, here we are in an advantageous position as the frame work for safely commissioning, operating and maintaining PV plants is outlined by the International Electrotechnical Commission in it's IEC 62446:2016 standard.

While this standard has been voluntarily adopted by the majority of the global PV industry, if we are to maintain growth and keep energy production high, it must become the mandatory standard.

We at Seaward Instruments have created electric safety and performance verification tools for the PV industry for over 6 years. We operate in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States and in all of these markets we have seen how unregulated PV installations cause long term damage.

We therefore urge you as a legislator of PV standards to consider stricter guidelines in the testing of solar PV arrays of all sizes.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this issue, please contact us if we can provide you or your office with further direct support on this issue.



Seaward Group USA

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