TLC Integrations Systems Upgrades to a Seaward PV210 Solar Test Kit
7th January 2019

 When TLC Integration Systems needed to upgrade its PV testing methods, Seaward’s PV210 provided the ideal solution.

TLC Integration Systems, based in Sparks, Nevada (NV), provides quality solutions to organisations such as businesses, schools and plants to ensure they are optimizing their power use.

With six customers with three megawatts solar production, existing testing procedures were complicated and compromising the accuracy of the readings – as well as prolonging time spent in the field.

Previously, owner and technician Carl Keller used a clamp-on meter to obtain DC current readings – and compared these to other readings to determine if they were providing equal outputs.

This time consuming process was often prolonged further when the original engineering drawing wasn’t available. Carl was forced to spend time researching the layouts of the solar fields himself to determine the output – before then calculating the efficiency manually.

The PV210, which has recently been updated with a range of new features, provides a compact all-in-one solution to PV testing, with a built-in I-V curve tracer.


The device is supported by Seaward’s easy-to-use software, SolarCert, which includes an advanced I-V curve reporting function, allowing users to quickly and easily generate a report for thousands of strings.

Carl said: “Before I was calculating efficiency on an Excel spreadsheet – now the PV210 and SolarCert do all the work for me.

“When I provide the report to my customers the value of the I-V curve is priceless. It provides immediate information without a lot of spreadsheet data to determine when it’s time to clean or repair damaged modules.”

For more than 35 years, Seaward has developed a strong reputation as an industry educator and provider of trusted products worldwide.

Seaward gives PV operators the experience and confidence to meet commissioning test requirements of the NEC and UL by providing webinars and solar training courses.

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