Rigel Multi-Flo

Single and Multi-Channel Infusion Pump Analyzer

  • IEC 60601-2-24 compliant 
  • Instant flow and pressure
  • Compatible with all infusion devices
  • On-screen trumpet curve
Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer

Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer

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The market defining Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer is a portable instrument to accurately and swiftly verify the performance of all infusion devices.

The Rigel Multi-Flo infusion pump analyzer offers ease of use, high accuracy readings and productivity improvements right from the start.

With the choice of single or multi-channel configuration, the Multi-Flo can test up to four infusion devices simultaneously across a range of 10μL up to 1500mL per hour, with all results being stored in the large internal memory. The Multi-Flo delivers unique accurate and instantaneous flow measurements even at low flow rates, enabling the user to test twice as many infusion devices within the same time period as other volumetric based analysers.

To help save even more time and to reduce the risk of human error, the Multi-Flo can also be programmed with manufacturer specific test routines which can then be automatically executed by the user on the device itself or controlled from a PC using the Med-eBase software solution.

To meet the requirements of IEC 60601-2-24, the Multi-Flo also provides accurate back pressure simulations, occlusion alarm monitoring and bolus (PCA) measurements, and a large colour graphics display presents the data in both numerical and graphical format.

A remote (PC) control interface is available via Rigel's test solution software, Med-eBase, allowing complete control of the Multi-Flo's features from the comfort of a PC. Requiring just a single USB connection per Multi-Flo, users can connect as many multi-channel Multi-Flo's as there are USB ports available, increasing the test capacity in high volume test environments.

The Multi-Flo video

Key Benefits
  • Double the test capacity per each channel compared to the nearest competitor.*
  • Saves time with accurate and instantaneous flow measurements
  • Meet manufacturer's test requirements by creating (or sharing) test protocols for different models or applications
  • Fully traceable results storage and automatic data capture reduces time and manual data errors
  • Flexible purchase, with 1,2 or 4 channel configuration and optional future upgrade
  • Saves time by analysing multiple devices simultaneously
  • Improved data analysis with high resolution data storage
  • Provides peace of mind with full compliance test capability to IEC 60601-2-24
  • Large graphic display with clear data viewing distance exceeding 5 meters
  • Increased throughput with Med-eBase remote control function
  • Get the most out of the Multi-Flo with Med-eBase test solution software

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Rigel Multi-Flo infusion Pump Analyser - Instantaneous flow measurement Instantaneous flow measurement
Instantly determine the accuracy of an infusion device, even at low flow rates, the Multi-Flo provides readings within 1% accuracy from 100μL/hr, faster than any alternative testing method or infusion device analyser. It also indicates instantaneous flow behaviour on any infusion device.
1, 2 and 4 channel configurations
The multiple channel configurations enable increased throughput and improved efficiency; and the ability to upgrade to a maximum of 4 channels to meet future circumstances offers flexibility at time of purchase.
Rigel Multi-Flo infusion Pump Analyser - 1, 2 and 4 channel configurations
Rigel Multi-Flo infusion Pump Analyser - Automatic test and data acquisition colour screen Automatic test and data acquisition colour screen
The ability to programme the Multi-Flo with manufacturer-specific test routines and run them automatically as well as capture the results in the internal memory saves time and reduces the risk of data and user error.
Fully compliant with IEC 60601-2-24
The compact Multi-Flo is an all-in-one solution to meeting the infusion device testing requirements of IEC 60601-2-24; with back pressure simulations, occlusion alarm monitoring, bolus (PCA) measurement and the creation of trumpet curves, all incorporated into the device.
Rigel Multi-Flo infusion Pump Analyser - Fully compliant with IEC 60601-2-24
Rigel Multi-Flo infusion Pump Analyser - Designed for ease-of-use Designed for ease-of-use
The Multi-Flo is easy to use and navigate with a large colour display, simple push button operation and intuitive menu driven interface. A dedicated data focus area allows clear viewing of target data from distances exceeding 5 meters, offering flexibility during testing both in the field and in a workshop environment.
Control multiple Multi-Flo analyzers on a PC
The Multi-Flo is compatible with Rigel Medical’s Med-eBase test solution software, enabling even greater productivity improvements through a remote control interface.

Control as many Multi-Flo analyzers as there are USB ports on your PC with Med-eBase software, using the PC screen as a dashboard to aggregate the activity from each of the Multi-Flo analyzers. This means that test capacity can be drastically increased for high volume test environments.
Rigel Multi-Flo infusion Pump Analyser - Control multiple Multi-Flo analyzers on a PC
Rigel Multi-Flo infusion Pump Analyser - Comprehensive data management Comprehensive data management
Use Med-eBase software to quickly and easily produce real-time and high resolution graphs, including trumpet curves, store test data and create tester certificates. Med-eBase builds a complete history for each asset and enables a total solution from test and inspection through to record management and certification.

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FREE full introduction to infusion pump testing An Introduction to Infusion Pump Testing
This free guidance booklet from Rigel Medical covers the principles of infusion pump testing, including:
  • Types of Infusion
  • Infusion Characteristics
  • Problems Associated with Infusion
  • Testing Infusion Devices

Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer

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Technical Specification:

Flow Measurement
Display Range 0.010 to 1500ml/h
Max. Display Resolution >10μl/h
Measured Range 0.100 to 1450ml/h
Flow Rate Accuracy
701-1500ml/hr (1+x)% of reading where x =
0.0033% x (flow rate -700ml/hr)
10-700ml/hr 1% of reading
0.1-9.9ml/hr 1% of reading + 0.005 ml/hr
Volume 0.001 to 9999ml
Flow Update Rate 1Hz
Occlusion/Back Pressure Measurement
Pressure Measurement Range -500 to 2500mmHg
Back Pressure Setting Range -200 to 600mmHg
Accuracy -500 to 1000mmHg ± 10mmHg
1000 to 2500mmHg ± 1% of reading
Unit Selection mmHg, PSI, Bar, kPa
Max. Resolution 1mmHg
PCA / Bolus Measurements (Volume)
Display Range 0.1 to 100ml
Measuring Range 0.5 to 100m
Accuracy ± 1% of the reading
Max. Resolution 10μl
Basal Flow Rate 1ml to 30ml/h
Pressure Max. 2500mmHg
Service and Warranty
Multi-Flo comes with a free upgraded 24 month warranty (subject to terms and conditions, available at www.rigelmedical.com/registerproduct)

A range of Med-eCare plans are also available

General Specifications

Storage 15 x 24h of testing at 1 second sampling rate
Dimensions 300 x 204 x 220mm/11.8 x 8 x 8.6” (w x d x h)
Weight 5kg/11lbs (1 channel)
6kg/13lbs (2 channel)
8kg/18lbs (4 channel)
Mains Supply 90-264VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60W
Mains Cable 1ml to 30ml/h
Storage Environment 0–50°C / 32–122°F
Operating Conditions 15–40°C / 59–104°F
Environmental Protection IP40
PC Communication USB B
Keyboard Communication USB A
Display LCD color graphic display ¼” VGA

Environmental Conditions

The Rigel Multi-Flo has been designed to perform tests and measurements in a dry environment. Maximum barometric elevation for making measurements is 2000m.

Protective system IP40 according to IEC 60529. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Interference immunity and emitted interference conforming to IEC 61326-1.

Operating temperature range of 15–40°C / 59–104°F, without moisture condensation. The Multi-Flo can be stored at any temperature in the range 0–50°C / 32–122°F.

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken in ensuring the accuracy of the information in this document, Rigel Medical accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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