PULS-R SpO2 Finger Simulator
  • Easy and accurate SpO2 probe placement
  • Bright LEDs confirms correct probe connection
  • Easy configuration to meet specific R-curves
PULS-R SpO2 Finger Simulator

PULS-R SpO2 Finger Simulator

The compact Rigel PULS-R universal SpO2 simulation finger is designed for use with the Rigel UNI-SIM and SP-SIM vital-signs simulators.

The PULS-R simulates SpO2 finger simulations in 1% resolution from as low as 30%* using the pre-programmed manufacturer specific R-curves, the PULS R can also be configured to meet customer specific R-curves using the simple to use configuration tool available. 

* subject to monitor capability 

PULS-R SpO2 Finger Simulator

 Accuracy of simulation when used with the corresponding R-curves

Resolution Range Repeatability*
1% steps 30-60% ±5%**
1% steps 60-90% ±3%
1% steps 90-100% ±1%

*Based on using the same probe and monitor setup
**Note that some monitor types might not be able to display low range sats

Operating temperature 0-104°F
Dimensions 3.08” x 2.68” x 1.14”
Finger shape 1.58” x 0.71”
Weight 7.06 oz

Part number 399A910



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