Cropico RH9A

High resistance, high voltage decade resistance box with SP1 switch

  • 1, 3, 6 & 9 decades available
  • Range 1 kilo ohm to 1 tera ohm
  • Max Voltage 5kV
  • Accuracy ± 0.1%
  • Portable case
Cropico RH9A Decade Resistance Box

Cropico RH9A Decade Resistance Box

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Designed using the Cropico high quality SP1 switch combined with specially selected resistors, this range of high ohm resistance decades is ideal for the calibration of insulation test sets having a voltage rating up to 5kV.

Housed in a rugged carrying case and available in either 3, 6, or 9 decades the RH9A series covers the range 1 kilo ohm to 1 tera ohm and is equally at home in the laboratory workshop or field application.

A single decade unit is also available with 10 switched values from 1 kilo ohm to 1 tera ohm. Supplied complete with high voltage test leads 1 meter in length and calibration certificate.

Cropico RH9A Decade Resistance Box

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Technical specification


RH9A-1 RH9A-2 RH9A-3 RH9A Decade Accuracy @ certified voltave 1kV max Max V/Step Power Rating Temp Coefficient
    10x1kΩ ±0.1% 25V 1 watt ±50ppm/°C
    10x10kΩ ±0.1% 100V 1 watt ±50ppm/°C
    10x100kΩ ±0.1% 250V 1 watt ±50ppm/°C
  10x1MΩ ±0.1% 500V 1 watt ±50ppm/°C
  10x10MΩ ±1% 4000V 1.5 watts ±100ppm/°C
  10x100MΩ ±1% 4000V 1.5 watts ±100ppm/°C
  10x1GΩ ±1% 4000V 3.5 watts ±100ppm/°C
  10x10GΩ ±1% 5000V 3.5 watts ±100ppm/°C
  10x100GΩ ±1% 5000V 1.3 watts ±2000ppm/°C

RH9A-5 High Voltage Resistance Decade Box with SP1 Switch Specifications

 Value  Accuracy @ Certified Voltage 1kV Max  Max V/Step   Power Rating  Temperature Coefficient
1kΩ  ±0.1%  500V  1W  ±50ppm/°C
10kΩ  ±0.1%  500V  1W  ±50ppm/°C
100kΩ  ±0.1%  500V  1W  ±50ppm/°C
1MΩ  ±0.1%  500V  1W  ±50ppm/°C
10MΩ  ±1%  4000V  1.5 watts  ±100ppm/°C
100MΩ  ±1%  4000V  1.5 watts  ±100ppm/°C
1GΩ  ±1%  5000V   3.5 watts  ±100ppm/°C
10GΩ  ±1%  5000V   3.5 watts  ±100ppm/°C
100GΩ  ±2%  5000V   1.3 watts   ±2000ppm/°C
1TΩ ±2%  5000V   1.3 watts   ±2000ppm/°C
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