Cropico DO7 Plus

Rugged digital micro ohmmeter for high procession applications where results storage of analysis is required

  • On screen real time graphical plotting cooling curve facilities with peak resistance value calculator
  • Reading rate of 2 readings per second
  • Measuring ranges from 6 mohm to 6 Kohm
  • Resolution 100 nohm to 6 mohm range
Cropico DO7 Plus

Cropico DO7 Plus

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The DO7Plus is a 10A Micro ohmmeter, suitable for applications in Aerospace, Utilities, Cable or Machine Manufacturers or where a cooling curve is required to plot peak resistance. Sealed in an IP67 case (when closed or IP53, lid open) it is ruggedly constructed to ensure durability.

The DO7Plus has a backlit LCD graphics panel, full QWERTY keyboard, temperature compensation via optional PT100 probe, and built in coefficients for Copper and Aluminum as well as user defined.

Full cooling curve facilities are built in, with real time graphical plotting on the LCD. Data log memory contents can be plotted and a curve fitted to calculate the peak resistance value when t=0.

The unit has a display length of 60000 counts and auto averaging of forward and reverse measurement removes thermal emf differences. Connectivity is available via both USB and RS232 for data downloading.

The internal memory holds up to 1000 date and time stamped readings and which can be viewed on the LCD or downloaded with the free software provided, as CSV file, to a PC for further analysis. The data log memory using the latest FRAM technology which offers unlimited read/write cycles and over 10 years of data retention, without relying on internal batteries. The unit has built in rechargeable batteries which will provide up to 1 hour of continuous use at 10A, and up to 20 hours at all other ranges.

Cropico DO7 Plus

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Technical specification

Measurement 4 terminal Kelvin / Thompson principle eliminates errors due to lead resistance
Display 60,000 count + sign LCD graphics panel with backlight select display value of °C or °F
Ranges 7 resistance ranges
Terminals 4mm safety sockets
Working temperature 0 deg C to 40 deg C
Storage Temperature -20 deg C to +50 deg C
Safety Conforms to EN 61010-1:2001 50V Cat 3
Dimensions and weight 358mm X 269mm X 155mm
Mass <5Kg (instrument only)
Calibration Digital
Password protected, manual or via remote interface
Battery Internal, fixed NiMh battery pack, Gas Gauge circuits to monitor
battery capacity. Internal automatic FAST / TRICKLE battery
Charger. DC input from 9V to 36V.
Mains supply External mains psu 90V – 253V, 47Hz to 63Hz with interchangeable plugs

Resistance measurement

Range Current Resolution FSV Uncertainty
6.0000 mΩ 10 A 100 nΩ 60 mV 0.05% Rdg +0.01%FS
60.000 mΩ 1 A 1 μΩ 60 mV 0.05% Rdg +0.01%FS
600.00 mΩ 100 mA 10 μΩ 60 mV 0.05% Rdg +0.01%FS
6.0000 Ω 10 mA 100 μΩ 60 mV 0.05% Rdg +0.01%FS
60.000 Ω 1 mA 1 mΩ 60 mV 0.05% Rdg +0.01%FS
600.00 Ω 100 μA 10 mΩ 60 mV 0.05% Rdg +0.01%FS
6.0000 kΩ 100 μA 100 mΩ 600 mV 0.05% Rdg +0.01%FS



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