SafeCheck 5S

Bench top Tool, Appliance and Power Cord testing for service, maintenance and rental stores

  • Ground Bond Continuity test
  • DC Insulation resistance
  • Power Leakage test
  • Extension and power cord test
SafeCheck 5S Power Tool Tester

SafeCheck 5S Power Tool Tester

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Complete electrical integrity check for the safety of your employee and your business.The Safecheck 5 is a bench top "quality meter" that facilitates fast and reliable electrical integrity checks on almost any electrical device plugged into a wall.

Many electrical accidents involve improper damaged extension or power cords.

Now you don't have to guess that your tools, equipment, and appliances are safe.

A mere 10 seconds on the Safecheck 5S and it automatically runs 5 electrical integrity tests.

  1. Ground Continuity
  2. Insulation Resistance (dielectric)
  3. Class 1 Current Leakage
  4. Class 2 current leakage
  5. Wiring Polarity of both the device and the power source.

The Safecheck 5S was designed for high volume environment of the tool rental industry and the demanding regulations of electrical device testing common in USA, including construction site GFCI and assured grounding compliance.

Only 3 buttons and a red/green lights indicate a clear pass or fail. There is no easier or simpler way to really know your equipment is operating properly and safely.

If you want to ensure best practice when implementing your OSHA assured grounding program, then this tester is for you

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